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How to eat sushi [17]

Never dip sushi in soy sauce from the rice-side and suck up too much amount. It will be too bitter to eat, and will damage the taste of sushi seriously. Reason: Sushi rice has been seasoned with vinegar carefully and finely enough, and ...

Sake Rank [23]

Sake is divided into several ranks and price levels, depending on the degree to which the rice grains are polished by the milling process. 1. JUNMAI DAIGINJO Top of the line SAKE made with 100% rice grains, KOJI, and local spring wat...

What is Sake ? [1]

Sake ( /ˈsɑːkiː/ or /ˈsɑːkeɪ/; Japanese: [sake] ( listen)) is a rice-based alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin. It is sometimes spelled saké to show the pronunciation more clearly. This beverage is called sake in English, but in ...

Common Nigiri

Sake : Salmon (Salmon, Smoke Salmon, Seared Salmon) Maguro: Tuna (Blue Fin, Yellow Fin) Ebi : Shrimp (Cooked Shrimp, Sweet Shrimp) Tai: Red Snapper Tako: Octopus Tobiko: Smelt Roe Hokkigai: Surf Clam Unagi: Eel Saba: Mackerel Ta...

Sushi Roll

Sushi rolls that we are calling in Japanese cuisine is Makizushi. Makizushi are sushi rolls. Sushi rice and various ingredients are rolled in nori (dried seaweed) as maki means rolling in Japanese. Since makizushi are wrapped by nori, the...


Sashimi (Japanese: 刺身, pronounced [saɕimiꜜ]; English: /səˈʃiːmiː/) is a Japanese delicacy. It consists of very fresh raw meat, most commonly fish, sliced into thin pieces.

Nigiri or Nigirizushi

Nigirizushi (握り寿司?, "hand-formed sushi") consists of an oblong mound of sushi rice that the chef presses into a small rectangular box between the palms of the hands, usually with a bit of wasabi, and a topping (the neta) draped over ...

What is Sushi Means?

In Japanese Cuisine, sushi is food made of vinegared rice combined with various topping or fillings. The word 'SUSHI' means vinegared rice. Sushi with topping = Nigiri Rolled sushi = Rolls